Special Ones


Selections made by UKPSC
1. Selections by Direct Recruitment & Interviews
Sl.No Name of the Post Recommended
1. Civil Judge (Junior Division)


2. Lecturers of Govt  Intermediate Colleges 150
3. Assistant Professor (Govt Degree Colleges) 213
4. Review Officer/ Assistant Review Officer 148
  TOTAL 539



2. Selections by Promotion (DPC)

The Commission recommended promotion of 1963 Candidates against 2426 by Conducting different D.P.C. held during 1st April to 14th August 2020.


3. Publishing of UKPSC Quarterly News

Quarterly News letter for the benefit of all aspirants and the public, since JAN, 2018. 


4. Computer Lab “GYANODAYA"

Computer Lab “GYANODAYA” has been established by the Commission with latest facilities with one dedicated server room having 2 latest server,  126 Computers terminals, 7 Printers etc. Various Computer based examinations have already been successfully conducted through "Gyanodaya" Computer lab.



5. UKPSC Examination Building

Examination Building "PARIKSHA BHAWAN" a four storey building providing a state of the art facilities for conducting examinations, is fully functional from 2018. At a given time the Pariksha Bhawan has a capacity of holding examination for 1620 candidates.




6. Solar Energy Project  "SURYA

UKPSC established a solar energy project  "SURYA" of the capacity of 60KW and 80KW with the help of Uttarakhand Renewable Energy Development Agency(UREDA).







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